Wiklund and Bacter joined as musicians.
Nufan^Nuance is now an official party member.
Congratulations to them all!


We're excited to announce yet another outreach event at Vienna's hackerspace of choice, the metalab! The seminar talks will start on June 18th 2011 at 2pm and cover coding, computer graphics and music creation. Afterwards, outreach II will continue with a scenish party. For more information, head over to the official event site (English / German)!


The awesome Outreach party we had this November now got its own post-event site! Head over to download seminar videos, mp3s and watch pictures that were taken.


We'll be having a group meeting in Vienna and you're invited too! Come over to the Metalab on November 14th, it's gonna be a blast!


It's time for celebration! Muhmac of 4k-wizardry- and Frauke of Tum06 invitro vocalisation fame got their second child Arne and what's a better way to greet the little fellow than to make a demo about it? So we did, it's a birthtro and you can fetch the binaries right here!


Crash out of nowhere released world's first 4k intro for the Nintendo DS handheld! Now let the games for improvement in that area begin!


We've won the democompo at TUM08 and survived all new year's celebrations! Happy new year chants go out to all our fellow Speckdrummers. Now please hush over and check out the new stuff.


One day to TUM 2008 and we're already completely done with our releases. This must be a new record! See you all at the party!


This September 12th, Paralax will present a variety of demoscene tunes in Dornbirn/Austria at the Soundsnoise Festival 2008. It will also feature Theremins, soundinstallings, interactive electronical music and the group Fuckhead! Make sure to tune in!


Now it's official: We are the finest of the land. Just won the [d]vision PC demo compo. Release will come later.


Elend has left speckdrumm, cyraxx joined for member probation as a coder and will show his skills on the console sector :)


Ferdi is back! check out our newest PC Demo in the products section!


The products section has been updated. See you tomorrow at TUM 2007!


Wow! After a creative pause on the web for two years the page has been slightly updated with releases long known to sceners via and More is to be expected quite soonish as we're planning to visit TUM 2007 demoparty! (Für eine handvoll Schnitzel).

Also note that our memberlist is not quite corect right now: Evilone has left Speckdrumm, Freeze, Muhmac and Chaotic have joined speckdrumm and Elend rejoined a long time ago!


This is our new simple yet dynamic site design. It will empower us to more easily add news, releases and keep you up to date with the newest news from speckdrumm-land!


just back home from the breakpoint 05 party, make sure to read sobec's great partyreport


added some pictures of bp2k4, as well as the new 4k by evilone - "insomnia". check it out!


elend has left speckdrumm, pnm has joined. fans, hail to our old new member: evilone!


we have opened up brandnew private and public forum. check it out here>>>


reebok has left speckdrumm due to internal differences. be well!


made the 3rd place with our demo #07 - speckdrumm vs. tayfur at evokeZ003. also, we added the soundracks to releases #06 and #07 to our webplayer above. enjoy your stay!


added pictures of breakpoint03


we added the products which were released at breakpoint03:

#05 - epileptiker 2003 (64k, 4th)
#06 - dismal prospeckts (demo, 9th)


not fooling you: the new page has been done and uploaded today!


we were ranked 2nd with our demo "suspeckt the moles" at TUM02


got 1st with our 64k "rot gelb wobbelig" and 3rd with our demo "die speckulation" at uc6.22


birth of the legendary foliba